It all begins
in Juan les Pins

The CHACOK story begins on the French Riviera. Arlette Decock, a fashion designer trained by famous Parisian designers, became costume designer for theaters and films in Paris,before moving to Juan-les-Pins." The cat "as she is nicknamed, creates her early models that she first sells to her friends and then to visiting clients, all of this in her small flat.


The French Riviera
under the CHACOK's spell

The originality of Arlette’s talent is asserting itself and after the success of her creations, the brand’s first store opens in Juan-les-Pins. The sewing machine runs at full speed and seamstresses are busy. The craze is immediate, a second and a third shop open. Several retail stores on the French Riviera fall under the spell of the fashion’s newborn.


The first
fashion dates

CHACOK grows up : its first participation to the ready-to-wear exhibition in Nice is going to set off this. It will allow the Fashion House to finance itself with the meeting of a major retailer impressed by its style. Consequently, CHACOK organizes itself in a creation and manufactoring unit for the French Riviera’s stores. After its appearance at the ready-to-wear exhibition in Paris in 1975, the brand goes from a local diffusion to a national one.


Biot, the favourite

In full growth, CHACOK settles in Biot, a village internationally well known for its artists and artisans. Arlette has a real crush on this place which owns something authentic and timeless. The Fashion House has been able to maintain its modeling workshop and seamstresses are working everyday to create unique quality models.


Conquering the world

The enchantment of the Fairy CHACOK extends into the 1980’s : exclusive stores open all over France, franchises multiply at the international level : Paris , Montreal , Tokyo , Chicago ... The label "Made in France " has a huge success abroad. The Fashion House is everywhere and everywhere it seduces. The brand became an icon in terms of fashion and high end ready-to-wear.

performing arts
are still there...

For CHACOK , fashion is inseparable from the concept of motion and arts. All fashion shows are real entertainments where models are dancers and bring to light the collection of the world.


CHACOK and the Art
of photography

By the early 90’s, CHACOK still shows a colourful modernity.Each new collection attracted new fans. Sculptural muses, famous figures and photographs such as Michael Woolley, Eddy Kholi, Ellen Von Unwert, or Enrique Badulescu , enrich the artistic heritage of the Fashion House.

The praise of modernity

After Arlette passed away, the Fashion House has the will to perpetuate what its talented designer has built, while remaining true to its concepts .CHACOK succeeds in keeping with boldness, the quality and the prestige of the brand in the high end ready to wear world.

Beautiful escapes

This year is marked by the participation of CHACOK in the Rallye des Gazelles as an official partner of the 23rd edition. Two crews wear the colors of the brand in this exciting competition taking place in the heart of the Moroccan desert.


CHACOK does not
follow trends,
it is ahead of them...

By integrating a young talent of the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, the Fashion House brings a new dimension to its creation. New art direction, new graphic identity, changing of the store concept, Chacok will not stop surprising you ...

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