The Fashion House CHACOK is part of a voluntarily fluid and audacious creation: richness of prints mixed with plain fabrics, color strength, lack of uniformity ... CHACOK is above all a spirit, a way of life, a bold style.
The definition of CHACOK style can be evoked by the description of women's temperament for which clothes are intended to: "free shapes for free women", "assertiveness".

The audacity of the fashion house CHACOK lies in its willingness to always assume full aesthetic choices :never be in two minds or hesitation. And because -the Art is a true source of inspiration, the CHACOK’s garment should be admired near and far, like a painting.




The fashion House CHACOK is recognized for its know-how over 45 years, concentrated in its Design studio in Paris and its design and prototyping office in Biot (Alpes Maritimes, France).

Exclusive designs, use of noble and natural materials (silk, cotton, linen, wool, ..), development of real creative and complex knitting techniques, the Fashion House shares a creation story with the best Italian printers and French , Italian and Portuguese knitters. These are as many paintings for expression to evoke femininity and reveal ever more assertive modern silhouettes.

The will of CHACOK is to support its industry and especially to maintain the wonderful French know-how. This manufacturing activity on the Jacquard knit allowed CHACOK to obtain the prestigious «ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE» (BVCert. 6027665) label in 2012 and ensure that the brand contributes to defending the virtues of a living heritage.

Have a question? You can contact us at contact.web@chacok.com