Beautiful products are good, Made in France products are better!



A production made in France


We have decided to improve our production methods. Why did we do that? Quite simply because the will of our company is to support its industry and especially to maintain the wonderful French know-how. Therefore, we do everything possible to enhance the talent of our local craftsmen in Nice with a guaranteed Made in France product in the continuity of our policy of quality and sustainable development, more respectful of our dear planet.


It is important to us to claim these values that we absolutely want to share with you, our loyal customers.



The benefits of a production chain made in France


Initially, French manufacturing contributes, beyond the much more favourable working conditions, to reducing the carbon footprint and the harmfulness of production.


Secondly, working with a local workshop means being able to ensure that from the yarn to the finished product, all the manufacturing stages (weaving, knitting, cutting, tailoring and distribution) take place in France. We are very proud to be able to claim to work with a transparent, ethical and eco-responsible production chain and to reduce the ecological footprint of our products as much as possible.


Also, as you know, the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. And, in a context where respect for the environment is becoming anxiety-provoking and faced with a lucrative and devastating fast fashion, the Made in France production allows us to produce in a more qualitative way by favouring beautiful materials in limited quantities to avoid overstock.



Made in France has a price, and it is fair.


Made in France has a price and we make sure it is as fair as possible. To produce in France is to choose to pay the craftsmen well, to make sure that they work in comfortable and downhill conditions. Therefore, the price displayed on our website or in our shops is a consistent price at a production cost in correlation with an environmental ethic.


Also, in an economic approach and in order to practice affordable prices throughout the year, we cannot afford to practice sales.



Why buy Made in France?


To buy French is to give meaning to your purchases: to know the origin of the product, how it was made and who benefits from the sale.


According to a study by the Fédération Indépendante du Made in France, buying French means contributing three times more to maintaining employment in France.


To buy French is to contribute to the well-being of the planet by promoting a healthier, smarter production method.


Buying French means helping companies like us, who are concerned about the environment and conservative, to promote the quality of French-style work, in spite of the fact that they are growing and prospering.


To buy French is to buy Chacok.


What if you too bought Made in France ?

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